Craig Chepke

By Craig Chepke, MD, DFAPA

Psych Congress Elevate 2024 Co-Chair; Scientific Director & Steering Committee Member, Psych Congress

There is no question that the need for mental healthcare is rising, with an estimated 20% of American adults experiencing some form of mental health challenge.

As the need for mental healthcare grows, the dedicated workforce of healthcare professionals must also grow to meet the demand. There are currently not enough mental healthcare professionals to meet the demand in America, but the Health Resources & Services Administration’s behavioral health workforce projections through 2035 anticipate substantial growth in the mental health field. 

Through Psych Congress Elevate, we hope to do our part in accelerating this growth by helping forward-focused, early-career mental health professionals become more effective clinicians and advance their careers through high-quality education delivered by world-renowned experts. The 2024 event will be held May 30-June 2 at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, and we offer scholarships to students, residents, and fellows in mental healthcare who are eager to be at the forefront of their field by taking on new challenges in diagnosis and treatment. 

A truly phenomenal group of up-and-coming mental health professionals submitted applications for this year’s Elevate Scholars program. Our 2024 scholarship recipients will receive complimentary registration, travel, and accommodations for the world-class educational opportunities at Psych Congress Elevate. I am honored to present the 2024 class of Elevate Scholars:

-    Adebayo Adeeko, APN, APRN
-    Allison Salter, APN, APRN 
-    Allyson Newer, APN, APRN 
-    Anthony Pascual, NP 
-    Ashley Davis, NP 
-    Ashley Parker, NP 
-    Austin Isaac, APN, APRN 
-    Avani Patel, MD 
-    Brian Bender, MD 
-    Camille Chan, MD 
-    Danielle Nahas, PA 
-    Danielle Sawyer, APN, APRN 
-    Erika Hall, NP 
-    Ezeaka Charles, MD 
-    Hallie King, PA 
-    Iesha Nwagwu, APN, APRN 
-    Ivy Bagley, NP 
-    Jesse Ninmol, MD 
-    Jonathan Waknine, NP 
-    Justin Arcaro, MD 
-    Lauren Skelly, APN, APRN 
-    Lorelys Arroyo Rivera, MD 
-    Maria Siena May, APN, APRN 
-    Marie Blacker, APN, APRN 
-    Marie Chery, MD 
-    Marlorie Cross, APN, APRN 
-    Nicole Hendrickson, APN, APRN 
-    Norma Vela, APN, APRN 
-    Nour Safa, PA 
-    Omolola Aragbada, APN, APRN
-    Sandy Juste, MD 
-    Shawna McCafferty, PCP MD 
-    Sherle Rubin, NP 
-    Stephanie Kress, NP 
-    Yaroslav Polehonkyi, MD 
-    Yves-Smith Benjamin, MD
-    Zuhaab Temuri, MD 
-    Zulmarie Hernandez, NP

On-site at Psych Congress Elevate, our scholarship recipients will play an active role in their learning and the conference by serving as Elevate Ambassadors by monitoring session rooms, answering questions from attendees throughout the convention center, and sharing session materials.

They and other Psych Congress Elevate participants will engage in four days of sessions translating cutting-edge research into clinical application, enjoy one-on-one access to the best and brightest in the field, and expand their networks with other highly motivated practitioners. 

Educating and training mental health professionals is a vital part of addressing the needs of their patients. Not only do clinicians require extensive initial professional education, but ongoing training and development are also essential to keep up with innovative treatments, evolving research, and changing societal needs. 

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