As Associate Director of IT and Digital Services, Frank Lo oversees a team of six full-time and 15 freelance digital media professionals. “He has grown the digital production team by giving us all the foundation to learn and grow in our positions,” said team member Emily Brady. “He is able to implement new ideas, adapt quickly to changes and is always willing to help out others when needed.” Frank’s versatility was critical during the pandemic. “I started my career at HMP Global as a web developer, and during the pandemic transitioned my role into the production world,” he said. “We needed to pivot our business model and we are now utilizing this experience to continue to increase our production value across different areas of the company.” In his free time, he enjoys photography and videography, and “I love every opportunity to go out and shoot with friends,” he said. He is also involved in alumni relations with his fraternity. “He has taught me new ways to view a project, task, solutions, and even problems,” said team member Ed Souaid. “His dedication and thoroughness is driven by an eagerness to see all angles of any given task, which is such a welcome trait in a manager and team member.”   Thank you, Frank, for all your hard work and dedication! We are glad you are on the HMP Global team!