Marketing Manager Jessica Porrini is proud of her work on the recent Great Debates & Updates in Diabetic Foot meeting, held December 2-3 in San Antonio. “The event turned out great, and the audience was positive and ensured the meeting was a huge success,” she said. “I am happy to have been part of the team that made the entire program come together.” She joined HMP Global in June 2021, working on cardiology and wound care meetings including the Symposium on Clinical Interventional Oncology and the Wound Certification Prep Course. She recently shifted completely into wound care, and provides marketing support for WCPC, WoundCon, and GDU in Diabetic Foot. “I am responsible for all marketing materials and campaigns leading up to the meeting, and I monitor communications throughout the meeting and plan a booth strategy,” she said. “Since two of my meetings are now mostly virtual, the duties are similar but with no travel or physical booth. I particularly enjoy the email marketing we do, and I enjoy finding new, creative direct mailers for each of my meetings.” Kerston Powers, Director of Marketing, Cardiovascular & Wound Care, said Porrini has excelled at HMP Global, and was successful in leading the marketing for all of her meetings and events. “It has been a pleasure watching her dive deep into her brands to learn more about their audiences and how to best connect with them,” Powers said. “She thinks outside the box with creative direct mail pieces. Her enthusiasm for what she does is very refreshing, and I look forward to her continued growth in 2023.” Porrini said that with GDU in Diabetic Foot, she had to be very strategic with messaging and reaching target audiences since it is such a specific topic. When she is not at work, Porrini enjoys going out to eat and trying new foods with her fiancé, Jon, and hiking on the Wissahickon Trail with her German shepherd, Donna.   Jessica, thank you for all you do and for being part of the HMP Global team!