The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching effects on the lives of millions of people worldwide. Among health care providers, the pandemic has led to awareness that new approaches are needed to better support those with mental health conditions, such as depression.

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a serious medical illness that impacts the lives of millions Americans and is associated with substantial economic and societal impact, both short- and long-term. MDD is one of the largest contributors to disability in the United States and worldwide. Postpartum depression (PPD) is a prevalent and debilitating condition that significantly impacts the daily lives of mothers with long-term and generational effects.

This is a crucial moment for in-depth, clinical resources centered on providing education that can enhance the understanding of depression. “Clinical Topics in Depression,” a new website for Psychiatry and OB/GYN clinicians launching this month, was created to serve as an educational resource dedicated to achieving an enhanced understanding of depression. Clinical resources, insights from key opinion leaders, and research article summaries will bring users up to date on the latest understanding of the disease. 

The goals of depression treatment include achieving rapid resolution of symptoms and alleviating functional impairment, contributing to patients’ overall well-being in everyday life. MDD can occur as a single or recurrent episodes and importantly, 50% of people who experience a major depressive episode may not experience any further episodes. These episodes can be severe and debilitating, necessitating individualized approaches to the management of patients. Longer durations of untreated depression are associated with poorer symptomatic and functional outcomes.

With a mission focused on alleviating mental health suffering, “Clinical Topics in Depression” aims to serve as a relevant authority on depression information, illuminating unmet needs and gaps in current treatment guidelines for patients suffering from depression. 

Curated by an independent scientific advisory committee convened by HMP Global, the website will offer differentiated, high-level discussions that will highlight:

•    Clinical studies and general disease state education 
•    Paradigm shifts in how research is changing the practice of depression 
•    Current research on MDD and PPD treatment approaches 
•    The societal and health-economic burden of PPD/MDD 
•    Data on patient quality of life and function 

“Clinical Topics in Depression” joins HMP Global’s extensive portfolio of psychiatric and behavioral health meetings and educational resources and is made possible through funding by Sage Therapeutics, Inc.

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