Our hiring process


Unlike other companies, HMP Global takes a more humanized approach to recruiting. When you are preparing to apply to one of our open jobs, we recommend double-checking your resume to ensure its content is formatted nicely and relevant to the job of interest. Please know that we may not immediately get back to you after you apply, because a real recruiter – not a bot – reviews your application. We don't want to miss anyone who could be just right for our company.

Browse our current openings via LinkedIn or our Careers page to find a position that aligns with your career goals. Once you’ve identified a fitting role, complete the application to officially express your interest. 


If our hiring team identifies you as a potential match, anticipate receiving a Linked message or an email inviting you to participate in an introductory Zoom meeting. The introductory meeting provides a valuable opportunity to connect with a member of our hiring team to share your experience and career objectives and gain insight into the role and responsibilities, as well as our company culture. 

Should you be selected to progress further in the recruitment process, you’ll have the chance to engage in an interview with the hiring manager as well other team leaders. 


Following a thorough evaluation, the selected candidate will be notified via phone by our Chief HR Officer & EVP of Operations to be offered the position. A formal offer will be sent via email for electronic signature. These documents include an offer letter, work-for-hire agreement, employee handbook and a full benefits summary guide. Once a candidate electronically signs the offering documents, a start date will be agreed on. This will initiate the onboarding process. 


We at HMP Global go to great lengths to hire great people and believe that a good onboarding process lays the groundwork for a successful career transition. HMP Global offers an in-depth and hands-on onboarding process to all newly hired team members. With over 60% of our workforce working exclusively remote, we feel that it is crucial for all employees to feel connected as they acclimate to their role and team. As such, all new hires (remote and in-office team members) will receive a peer mentor, which will serve as an additional resource for the new team member that they can leverage as needed. 

All employees will receive a comprehensive onboarding schedule prior to their start date detailing their first 1-3 weeks. The schedule is developed by the hiring manager and the HR department to ensure that the schedule is tailored with the specific introductions and trainings that are crucial for the role. 


As part of the onboarding process, all new hires will have a personalized HR orientation, which will include the following:

  • A comprehensive overview of the company
  • A review of your department in the company org chart 
  • An in-depth review of the company benefit plans
  • An overview of peer mentorship program
  • An overview of the company anonymous engagement platform
  • Review of time off accruals
  • Explanation of 30-60-90 day check in meetings with HR department as an extension of the onboarding process

As HMP Global continues to grow, we understand the ever-changing climate of its workforce. HMP Global applies constructive feedback given from its employees to improve upon our already strong onboarding process. At HMP Global, we believe that our greatest asset are the highly skilled team members that continue to drive the mission of our company to improve patient care and outcomes, and we continue to use the input of our team to continue delivering an exceptional onboarding for all team members.