Employee Spotlight

Their work and impact

Maggie Cottrell

In her role as a project manager in HMP Collective, Maggie Cottrell has worked on numerous projects across a range of therapeutic areas.


Rosalind Norris

“We are lucky to have Rosalind on our Project Management team,” said coworker Susanna Meader. “She is a great team player who is always looking out for others and willing to jump in to help.”


Brea Loomis

"Sales is a huge passion for me, and being part of HMP Global is amazing because we are given the freedom to shape our own selling and account management style."


Samantha Barnes

"When I see the meeting sessions and Exhibit Hall full of attendees, I feel extremely proud that I am part of an organization that is dedicated to helping and informing others."


Emily Moore

Moore has developed a strong network of contacts in the wound care space and she leverages those connections for collaboration opportunities.


Nancy Muntner

“Our goal at NEI is to make complex concepts more easily understandable, and one of the ways we do that is through our very accessible figures and animations."


Krystal Scharon

"Our projects are nuanced and range from in-person and virtual symposia to single-topic summits, grand rounds, chapter meetings, live webinars, on-demand webcasts, enduring courses, and print and digital CME supplements."